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  1. Noah's New Arc

From the recording Eternal


You were locking up the schoolyard after dark, / Regularly scheduled summer safety walk / Scrubbing off the graffiti, / You feel just a little bit guilty about it. / Kick off another year so well, / It’ll end up like the last / Will they love you like in the movies / Or is that just a thing of the past? / They can’t see past their toes, / How will they learn to go / somewhere else? / Noah, you could have done anything, / But you chose to stay right here, / I guess no one tells us how to be happy, / They just tell us what to fear, / If you had the chance to go back, / I really don’t think you would, / You go on and on about how life’s good, / The old you would have just knocked on wood / But your new arc is always misunderstood.